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Speech-to-Text is the mode in which you can specify your question by speaking through mic and Tellius Assistant understands the questions in voice format and provides you the response in voice and/ or text format.

Note: Tellius Assistant can provide the responses in voice format is only when you enable the Talkbak integration. For more information, see Text-to-Speech.

Tellius Assistant provides the voice integration by which you specify your question by speaking through mic.

With the Voice recognition option, you can enable the mic. and speak your question instead of typing.

Once you click the mic icon and starts speaking, Tellius Assistant interprets your voice and enters the exact words that you speak.

After you complete the question, Tellius Assistant immediately retrieves the data and presents it in a chart or table format that is the best first to question.

Voice recognition correctly works even if you take a pause in between. Tellius Assistant interprets the entered question even if it is incomplete. Once you restart speaking and complete the remaining query, Tellius Assistant again interprets the full question and generates the analysis.

Note: To receive the best experience, make sure you turn off any extensions on Chrome. Ensure that you have the latest Chrome update.

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