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Project is an option to organize your business data and valuable information in appropriate categories. These categories can help you find the required information quickly and help you share only project specific information with your team or colleagues.

Organizing the data and information increases efficiency and output results. In addition to helping you stay organized, Projects acts as an application on top of the Tellius platform to showcase all your work to anyone.

Stay Organized

In Tellius, you can use projects to organize your work based on teams, groups, or functions. The choices the endless.

Each project can contain different types of objects:

  • Business Views: The information view created by combining the data from multiple data sets and establishing business relations among them.
  • Genius Insights: Tellius identify trends, patterns and anomalies, helping you focus on important aspects of your data.
  • Predict Modules: Add predictive models based on your data to assist in future business decisions.
  • Vizpads: Charts and graphs based on your search queries. Also known as dashboards.

Accessing projects is based on the level of permissions that the administrator grants to each user. If you have view only access, you can only view the objects and the respective information. You can not add or create new objects to add into the existing project.

Note: You can add your work into an Others project to save all your work into a single folder and allocate your work at later time.

Application on top of Tellius

The other benefit that you can get with Project in Tellius is providing users a platform to build data driven applications directly on top of Tellius. You can think of it as context of an application - applications that people are developing on top of Tellius.

Below are a few examples: 

  • Campaign Questions: Build campaign insights, packaged application, and use case based application.
  • Lead Conversation Questions: Build insights pertaining to Leads and conversions, share the information and use it as an application to build your use cases.

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