Track New Metrics

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On the Feed page, create a new feed to track new metric.

  1. On the Feed page, click the Manage Feed button.
  2. On the Manage Feed page, click the Track New Metric button.
  3. In the Start Monitoring dialog box, select and enter appropriate details.
    1. In the Give a name field, enter the name of the feed.
    2. Click the Business View drop-down list to select the required business view.
    3. Click the Aggregation drop-down list and select the aggregate function to that you want to apply to the measure.
    4. Click the Measure field drop-down list, and select the measure from the business view.
    5. Click the drop-down list for the How often do you want to track your KPI field, and select the frequency of tracking of the data.
    6. In the Filters area, click the plus icon to add filter condition.
      1. Click the Filter Column, Filter Action drop-down list and select appropriate filter criteria.
      2. In the Value field, enter the value for the selected filter criteria.
        The Value field appears based on the filter column that you select.
      3. Click the plus sign again to add more filters.
      4. In case of more filter conditions, select AND/ OR condition that you want to set between the filters.
  4. Click the Create button.

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