Recommended Followup

Hardik Chheda Updated by Hardik Chheda

Whenever you use Tellius Assistant to search the information for your questions, Tellius Assistant proactively works towards assisting you in getting right information that you are looking for.

Tellius Assistant can suggests the recommended follow-up questions and filters. You can directly use these suggestions to drill down the earlier responses and get more information.

When you access Tellius Assistant for the first time, you can get the recommended questions based on the selected business view. You can click the arrows to scroll the list of recommended questions.

To specify the question, either click the recommended question or type your own questions.

Once you click the recommended question, Tellius Assistant understands the question and accordingly provide the response in the Assistant window. The response can be text format and / or chart format.

As a follow-up to the given response, Tellius also gives the list of filters as recommendations to break the response further.

Finally, you can also view the full size response on the Assistant page.

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