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Classification is the process of putting something into a category. Classification involves putting things into a class or group according to particular characteristics so it’s easier to analyze the meaning out of them.

The classification tree starts with the independent variable, which branches out into two groups as determined by the existing dependent variables. It is meant to elucidate the responses in the form of categorization brought about by the dependent variables.

In Tellius, when you create the AutoML model, you can select Classification as the type model for your prediction.

When you click the Predict button, Tellius predicts the classification model.

After successfully generating the predict model, you can open the model from the Predict page.

On the Predict page, each model panel displays the model type and options corresponding to that model.

For the classification model, you can view the Performance button when you move the mouse pointer on the panel.

Click the Performance button to view the evaluation of your model.

In the evaluation, you can view the Confusion Matrix and Evaluation Metrics.

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