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Natural search is search in which you can interact with the system through regular human language, similar to Google search. Instead of a typing queries in a restricted vocabulary or structure, you can ask your questions the same as you would to another person.

As the Natural search involves a large vocabulary, it is not an easy task for teaching machines to understand how the user communicates to get the required information.

Tellius has developed a Search engine that can understand the Natural language.

Tellius Assistant provides a Conversation box where you type your question in a natural language.

Tellius Assistant uses the backend Search engine to analyze the question and respond it with the relevant answer.

In case if Tellius Assistant unable to identify your question, it provides you the list suggestions based on your question or displays a message that Tellius did not understand the question.

You can scroll the list of suggestions and choose the correct suggestion or you can rephrase your question so that Tellius can understand it clearly.

Tellius has also focused on enhancing the user experience where the search quickly adapts to the questions from the user and assists them in getting what they exactly looking for.

Additionally, Tellius Assistant provides the ASR (Active Speech Recognition) and Talkback integration.

ASR Integration

The ASR integration helps you specify your question by speaking through mic. instead of typing in text format.

Talkback Integration

Talkback integration helps you get your responses in voice format. So, along with viewing the response, you can also listen to the responses.

You can configure the male voice or female voice for Tellius Assistant to speak.

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