Release 3.0

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Released in May 2020

We are thrilled to announce our newest release, that will serve all your needs in BI and insights. In this release, we introduced two New Products - Viz & Search 2.0 and On-demand Pricing w/ Elastic Scalability. Additionally new modules such as System Health and Billing. This has been one of out biggest release. Take a look!


Vizpads and Search has completely been reimagined and the user experience is redefined. The user will now have full control over viz creation, formatting and consumption experience. The revamped experience has been made possible as a result of a complete re-write of our Visualization & Search Engine.

Single Pane Chart Setup

New Visual Chart Library

Personalize Charts via Formatting

Interactive Experience (e.g. new filter suggestions)

Others Vizpad & Search Features

  • Multiple Tab Support
  • Sankey Chart
  • Chart Toolips can support additional 5 measures
  • Sort by Bucket for all charts
  • Unused bucket for switching between chart types
  • Updated color palettes
  • Columns grouped by Tables and type
  • Large data support for Line/Area, Bar, Scatter charts
  • Null Result Handling in UI
  • Result Row Limits

On Demand Pricing Model

We are bringing in a disruptive pricing model where you need to pay only for the resources that you consume beyond a monthly minimum.

  • Usage based Pricing
  • Minimum monthly credits
  • Pay only what you use
  • Option to consume more on-demand

Auto Scaling Architecture

Pay per use is enabled by strong auto-scaling architecture. The resources auto-scale when they reach certain thresholds. This takes out the pain and unnecessary cost of buying fixed resources beforehand.

  • Buy limited resources
  • Scale up/down resource based on consumption and needs
  • Auto Scaling Architecture

System Health

You now have a dashboard to monitor your system resource usage and perform admin functions around scaling setup.

  • Resource Usage
  • Usage Analytics
  • Autoscale Modes
  • One-Click Boost

Pay as you go

At any point in time, you can review your monthly usage, pay pills and make changes to your plan.

  • Monitor Usage
  • Track Credits
  • Pay Bills
  • Adjust Plans


Model Transparency / info in Key Driver Insights

Key driver insights provide additional transparency around the model used, metrics, paramters, feature importance, etc.

Comparison Insights Data Points Information

Transparency around size of cohorts is now available in Comparison Insights.



  • Last X weeks syntax
  • Apply Filter on Search Query


Auto-formatting metrics data

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