Configure Chart Panel

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With this option, you can change the configuration of the selected chart.

When you click the Settings icon, the Configuration panel appears.

In the Configuration panel, you can change fields, field operations, colors, and also sort the chart.

Chart Configuration Panel

The Configuration pane contains the following fields:

Note: Each field panel also provides an option to choose the operation that you want to perform on the selected field. For example, AVG, SUM, MIN, MAX, etc.
  • Chart type: The type of the chart that you want to view.
  • Measure: The column that you want to measure. The column appears on the 'Y' axis.
  • Dimension: The column that you want to use for reference information about the measurable column.
  • Color By: The column that you want to use to color the measures. The column appears on another 'Y' axis.
  • Stacked: The column that you want to use to show the comparisons between categories of data.
  • Sort By: The column that you want to use to sort the data in the chart. You can also select the type of sorting as ascending or descending.
  • Tooltip: The column that you want to use to display the tooltip information when you hover the mouse pointer on the chart.
  • Unused: This will contain the fields that were added to the chart but not used in the chart because the chart type or other chart configurations changed.

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