Release 2.0

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Released in March 2019

We are thrilled to announce our latest release, that will serve all your needs in BI and insights. In this release we introduce many new products - Tellius Feed, Tellius Assistant, Voice-driven Search, and Personalized of Search. Be the superhero of your organization today and forever, find insights, answers for your organization through conversation and personalized results, based on your data.

Tellius Feed

Keep a pulse on your business. Always know what is changing and why in real-time. Tellius Feed tracks your most important metrics and intelligently alerts you when some changes significantly. So leave it up to Tellius to track and analyze your key business metrics in release 2.0

Tellius Assistant

Be heard, never interrupted and attentive, to all your questions. Have someone to help along the way. Tellius Assistant ensures that your conversation never stops nor will your analysis by providing suggestions, follow up questions and recommendations to help you analyze your data and ask the next question. Continue to explore, refine your question and drill down into details in release 2.0:

If you'd rather use your voice to ask questions as opposed to typing, go ahead. Tellius will now be able to recognize your words and fill our the search query bar! Speak handsfree to your data directly using our voice capabilities on Search in release 2.0

Tellius loves to learn, so start teaching Tellius your business language and get personalized results every single time. Help Tellius Learn your diction by customizing your search along the way in release 2.0:

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