Release 3.1

Released in October 2020

We are pleased to announce the Tellius 3.1 Release full of several key enhancements that make insights generation and getting answers to your business questions as easy as ever. Read more below!

Ability to Trigger Insights from Search Experience

New in this release is the ability to trigger an insight directly from the Search screen. You no longer have to switch to the Insights page after creating a search, which may require you to remember certain context about your search. Instead, helpful insight suggestions are given, and you can quickly trigger an insight to be generated from the search results itself!

Ability to write data back to your database. 

By clicking on the export icon in the Data Prep page, a new option will appear for the database that serves as your data source for your underlying data. This works for databases already supported by Tellius as data source connections, including AWS Redshift, Snowflake and others.

You can elect to append rows to your database table, or overwrite the data. You can also write to a new table!

Improved Impact Calculation for percentage and average target columns for trend and comparison insights

Major improvements have been made in this release to the impact calculator for cases where the target column of interest for trend or comparison insights is of type “percentage” or “average” (as per the aggregation performed).

This results in one-of-a-kind impact analysis for each top contributor that tells you what is driving the change in your data for such scenarios. Learn more about this feature by visiting this link in our Tellius Help Docs.

Improvements to the System Health section of the Monitoring Page

We’ve heard loud and clear the feedback from our users on what they prefer to see and know about the system health in this section of the monitoring page.

The new look makes it much easier to understand Current Compute and Memory Utilization at a glance. Additionally, users can see the section on Total Storage Utilization so you know how much data has been input vs. what has been allocated.

New Roles: Explorer, Discoverer, and Explore & Discover

New in this release are 3 new user roles: Explorer, primarily for users who want to create Vizpads; Discoverer, primarily for users who want to generate Insights (but retain view ability for Vizpads) and Explore & Discover, a combination of the two.

Note that these roles allow only a subset of the functionality available in the platform to power users. For instance, these users are limited in that they cannot import or transform new data, nor can they create AutoML machine learning models in the Predict section.

Alerts for Dependent Objects when performing Dataset or Business View Deletion

New in this release is a notification of dependent objects when deleting a dataset or a business view.

Previously, there was no such notification of the objects, i.e. Vizpads, Insights, Business Views or Fused Datasets, that were dependent on a dataset of business view that was to undergo deletion.

Now, the following notification is provided so that users can make informed decisions about their deletion operation (consider my dataset “movies_revenue”):

New Insight Creation Experience

The insight creation experience has been redesigned and reimagined in this release. It’s now easier than ever to understand how to generate an insight with a guided flow that lets you choose the type of insight, specify the necessary parameters and even select the columns to include (or exclude) from analysis.

SQL & Python Sample Transformations showing you the Art of What’s Possible in Tellius

New in the 3.1 release are example transformations in SQL and python that showcase just what’s possible within Tellius.

Select the “Python” option on the Data Prep page and click the purple expand icon on the right hand side of the overlay. Consider the example below in which the sort example is populated, and sample transformation code is available on the right.

Other items updated or fixed in this release:

1. A bug was fixed related to the feedback button in the Tellius app - we happily review your feedback submitted within the product!

2. Details related to your Data Size are included on the System Health / Monitoring page.

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