Release 3.4

We are pleased to announce the Tellius 3.4 Release full of several enhancements and exciting features that improve user's experience and ability to find answers using Tellius. Read below to learn more!

User-friendly Insight's description

In Release 3.4, Insights are going to be less technical and more user-friendly. This improvement in Insight's description is focused to make the insight's result easy to understand. We have removed instances of redundant information and enabling users to take action on the findings.

URL Links in Dataset and Business Views

Tellius allows users to store the URLs in data without converting them to string. URLs in Dataset and Business Views will be shown in Blue color and users will be redirected to the URL on clicking it.

Spanish Language Support for Insights

In addition to our efforts to support the Spanish language in the Tellius platform, we are extending support for Insights. In release 3.4, Insights are available in the Spanish language. If the user has selected Spanish as the default language, Insights will be converted to the Spanish language automatically.

Improve Insight Concurrency Performance

To run multiple insights and return the results faster and efficiently, we have updated the queuing logic for concurrent execution of insights. By default, the queue will be executed via First In First Out (FIFO). Although, once resources are available, smaller jobs will run first. System will maintain a queue and check if a specific job can be scheduled or not. If the job can be scheduled, then the job will be forwarded for execution. If not then the system will add the job to the queue in Waiting status and executes the job as soon as enough resources are available.

Auto-Refresh of Linked Datasets

In data refresh scheduling users can choose whether they want to refresh all the Linked Datasets of the dataset or just want to refresh the master dataset. To refresh all the linked datasets, users need to check the Refresh all linked datasets checkbox as shown in the snapshot.

Improve Refresh Flexibility

In Release 3.4 we are bringing more flexibility in Data refresh in case of removal or addition of columns in the data. As an improvement in Release 3.4, Tellius will inform the user about missing columns and ask the user to take action on data refresh. Users can ignore the missing column and proceed with the data overwrite of existing data in data refresh OR User can cancel the data refresh if missing columns are not expected.

Fixed Column Width in Table View

The width of the columns will be saved in the VizPads. Currently, Columns width reset to default once Vizpad is closed. Now, Users can change the width of the columns of Vizpad in Edit Mode and save the changes. Updated Width of the columns will be retained in future in Vizpad.

Alter pipeline stage

In release 3.4, User will be able to manipulate the SQL transformations in the data pipeline without impacting the subsequent steps. This is helpful as the users do not have to replicate the work again in rebuilding the subsequent transformation downstream from SQL transformations.

Market share cohort improvement

Market share is the percent of total measure generated by a specific dimension compared to the total measure over all the dimensions. A product company Market share is calculated by taking the company's sales over the period and dividing it by the total sales of the industry over the same period. This metric is used to give a general idea of the size of a company in relation to its market and its competitors.

Market share can be a measure of a company’s sales relative to its competitors. Market share can also be a measure of sales of a specific category product relative to the sales of all the products in a company.

Embedded Insights

In continuation of our efforts to allow the embedding of Tellius features, we are supporting the embedding of the Insights in third-party webpages and Applications. Earlier embedding support was available for the Search and Vizpads.

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