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Does the search AI learn (i.e., get better over time) through crowd-sourced interaction and feedback?

In addition to displaying suggestions for the entire search query, Tellius displays suggestions for the current word being typed and the next word to be typed. The suggestions are provided based on multiple sophisticated algorithms. Tellius also displays the history of questions, trending questions, top questions, most frequently asked questions, questions based on users/frequency etc.

Is there an easy way for me to “teach” Tellius if the answer returned is good/bad?

Tellius' Search can learn from a user's language and dictionary. During data preparation, multiple synonyms can be added to a column, and those words can be used in search query instead of the actual column. Check out this section for more details. In addition, for any search query, users can tag various words/phrases and teach Tellius the meaning for each phrase. Next time when the phrase is used, it will train Tellius to display the intended results.

What does 'last date' used in search queries represent?

By default, the last date refers to the current date. However, it can be customized in the admin interface.

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