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Changelog - 4.1.2

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We are excited to share the release notes for 4.1.2. This patch includes a variety of critical enhancements and fixes, which we believe will significantly improve the performance of our platform.

📈 Enhancements

  1. OpenAI has been integrated into Tellius, enabling the development of Tellius Copilot.
  2. Improved the performance of live Business Views in Search and Vizpads
  3. Introduced the ability to configure default aggregation at the instance level via API
  4. Vizpads now perform better in browsers, especially when more than 200 Business Views are involved.
  5. Files can now be downloaded and exported from the Notifications page.
  6. Improved the user experience and design of the Metadata page.

🛠️ Minor fixes

  1. The issue with executing DatasetPublish jobs for large Business Views has been fixed.
  2. The issue with displaying the newly added columns in the source not getting synchronized with the dataset after Refresh has been fixed.
  3. The issue with the newly added columns in the source not getting displayed in the datasets after refresh has been fixed.
  4. Once refreshed, the newly added columns in the source will get reflected and displayed in the dataset.
  5. Once the resource is deleted, then its associated schedules will also be deleted.
  6. After transforming the metadata, scripts can now be executed immediately on the dataset upon their creation.
  7. Fixed an issue where dataset script nodes were appearing twice in the data pipeline after editing the scripted datasets.
  8. Addressed an issue where the Country column was not being recognized in the Search.
  9. Fixed the display of count of records in the right panel of Search.
  10. In Vizpads, the issue with applying custom date filters for non-IST zones has been resolved.
  11. In the Notifications page, the issue with displaying the duplicated dataset name after "Make a Copy" operation has been resolved.
  12. The issue with SQL scripts not displaying certain datasets used in the Script Edit page has been resolved.
  13. The ability to edit a Snowflake connector when shared in View mode has been revoked.
  14. The issue with incorrect sorting of models in AutoML leaderboard has been resolved.
  15. The issue with Business Views being inaccessible after more than 10,000 number of shares has been fixed.
  16. Fixed the issues with accessing Schedule tab under Datasets.
  17. Resolved an issue where the chart limit was getting updated incorrectly when a different limit was chosen for export.
  18. Control viz now matches the global filter applied for the same column.
  19. The colors will now be displayed correctly for comparison drivers on live Business Views.
  20. In Vizpads, the issue with filtering string NULLs vs native NULLs has been fixed.
  21. The issue with applying top N filters for marketshare/percentage related search queries has been fixed.
  22. Improved the validation of re-assigning objects to another user during user deletion.
  23. Added validation to prevent content re-assignment to the same user in the Delete User page.
  24. The issue with exporting PPT charts with custom color values has been fixed.
  25. Fixed the overlapping issues in the Notifications and Search Assistant page.
  26. Deleting a Business View will now automatically delete the associated Vizpad widget.
  27. Improved scripted datasets to pick up changes immediately after the source dataset is refreshed.
  28. Users can now easily remove display name from one column and assign the same to another column in a single transformation.
  29. Enhanced the CSS elements for filters in Quick Start.
  30. CSS enhancements have been made to improve the display of filter popups in Vizpad page and Quick start menu.
  31. In Vizpads, the issue with toggling off the Target-X in scatter charts has been fixed.
  32. Increased the timeout for PPT downloads to support Vizpads with a high number of Viz.
  33. The issue with double-clicking date columns in YoY charts has been fixed.
  34. The issue with selecting filters in list control viz has been resolved.
  35. In Vizpads, the issue with applying number formatting on columns has been fixed.
  36. Fixed the tooltip placements issue when sharing a Project.
  37. Vizpad filters now revert back to their original state when users try to modify but cancels under Edit mode.
  38. Improved the categorizing of columns displayed under Include/Exclude while creating Insights.
  39. In Vizpads, fixed the missing close button for filter popups.
  40. The issue with selecting target variable for creating point-n-click algorithms has been fixed.
  41. The issue with retaining the modified Insights name after renaming has been resolved.

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