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Changelog - 4.2.5

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We're thrilled to introduce the latest updates to Tellius! In version 4.2.5, we're delivering a set of features aimed at increasing customization, improving data connectivity, and enhancing user experience. From new OAuth integrations to advanced customization options, this release focuses on making the platform more flexible for our users. Here are the key updates:

🚀 New features

Introducing Explainable AI charts in Vizpads

In Vizpads, we have introduced explainable AI charts that allow users to easily visualize and understand the factors influencing their machine learning model's predictions. It offers insights into the underlying reasons behind each prediction, ensuring users can make more informed decisions and better mitigate potential risks. This chart is composed of two essential sections: a table displaying all columns in the Business View with an option to select specific rows, and a detailed breakdown of the factors influencing the predicted value for the chosen row.

Snowflake OAuth with Microsoft Azure AD and Okta support

With the latest release, users can now leverage Azure AD or Okta as external token providers for Snowflake. In addition to connecting directly, Tellius has expanded the Snowflake OAuth connectivity to support Microsoft AD and Okta. Upon expiration (after 90 days), Tellius will display a re-authentication prompt when a user accesses a Vizpad sourced from Snowflake or queries a Business View using a Snowflake dataset.

Customizable Tellius interface

Users can now replace the default Tellius logo for a more customized experience. Under Settings --> Application Settings, two types of logos (square-shaped and rectangular images) can be uploaded to be displayed in multiple places across Tellius. Additionally, users can choose the required color palette to be reflected across the platform.

Configurable Cache TTL

4.2.5 introduces a new feature that allows for direct configuration of the cache Time-to-Live (TTL) for live and non-live data sources from Settings --> Application Settings. The TTL value specifies the duration for which the data remains in the cache before it's considered outdated and needs to be refreshed. By adjusting the cache duration to specific needs, users can optimize data retrieval, ensuring faster access and improved performance.

Reset Vizpads in View Mode

If a viewer inadvertently alters or removes filters, they can now effortlessly return the chart to its original state with the Reset Vizpad button in view-only mode. Upon using the Reset feature, the chart will instantly refresh, restoring the default filters. A confirmation message will be displayed informing users of the successful reset.

Selecting Region in Redshift Connectors

Users can now choose the desired region for their Redshift connector, thereby obtaining better data locality and response times.

🛠️ Minor fixes

  1. Enhanced validation to ensure SQL/Python in Tellius aligns with OpenAI standards.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Year Over Year (YOY) chart would not reset to its original state after selecting the "Reset Vizpad" option.
  3. Improved error messaging when Vizpad fails to save, especially due to server downtime or connectivity issues.
  4. Resolved an issue preventing users from running search discoveries directly from the chart interaction menu.
  5. The issues with display names missing in Insights popups, conditional formatting, and during Feed creation, ML, and Insight creation have been resolved.
  6. The issues with the Undo functionality, Continue prompt, and duplicate columns while editing calculated columns have been fixed.
  7. Rectified the issue of overlapping legends when dual axes are enabled in horizontal bar charts.
  8. Fixed the column search functionality within Vizpad filter popups.
  9. Addressed the UX issues related to resizing 2x2 control viz.
  10. Corrected an overlap issue within the Vizpad filter dropdown for Windows users.
  11. Improved the display of tooltips and labels of 3x3 viz.
  12. Fixed an issue affecting filter popup positions for smaller visualizations on the first column.
  13. Ensured scrollbars are visible and functional across platforms, especially for Windows users.
  14. Addressed an issue hiding titles in the 2x2 design format of KPI charts.
  15. Optimized dropdown appearance of the Search page when displaying fewer Business Views, eliminating unsightly whitespace.
  16. Enhanced the CSS styling of the Business View swap info banner.
  17. Fixed the positioning of tooltips within the Share Project popup.
  18. Ensured accurate value updates in control viz after a Business View swap operation.
  19. Resolved discrepancies in value and operator updates for cloned sliders.
  20. In Vizpads, improved responsiveness and reduced lag when dragging and dropping columns from Business View to chart configurations.
  21. Fixed the inconsistency between Edit and View modes of Vizpads, after resetting filters.
  22. The issue with incorrect reset of Vizpads charts after deleting control filters and global filters has been resolved.
  23. Improved tooltip positioning for longer text elements in control viz.
  24. Fixed an issue causing the active visualization to reset to the first option after updating control vizs.
  25. Rectified a bug causing the loss of calculated columns and column groups upon publishing a Business View.
  26. Resolved an issue with incorrect columns being displayed during Point-N-Click creation in Projects.
  27. For Business View swap operations, streamlined user redirection from Notifications.
  28. The issue with resetting feed filter values after creating feed subscriptions has been resolved.
  29. In Vizpads, enhanced tooltip displays to prevent them from overflowing or being clipped out in table content.

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