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Live Connect or Live Query is a mode in which there is no data movement. Tellius does not copy data from the source system but sends the queries directly to the source database.

Live Connect can help your leveraging your investments made in data warehouse, data lakes, etc. instead of building on top of them as opposed to doing everything again from scratch.

Benefits of Live mode

  • No movement of raw data between source and Tellius
  • Query results are always real-time (up-to-date)
  • No need to schedule data refresh

What you cannot do in Live mode?

  • Limited Data Transformations capability as we don't modify source data
  • Query only across live data sources
  • Query Performance is dependent on source database performance
  • Tellius Fast Query Engine (in-memory) can't be leveraged to speed up queries

Live Query mode is available while creating connecting to tables under Advanced Settings.

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