Release 1.6

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Released in September 2018

We are thrilled to announce our latest release, that will serve all your needs in BI and insights. In this release, we've brought to market new products (Natural Language Search & Business Views). Also, a major revamp of our entire UX / UI was introduced to provide a cleaner look and feel to the product.

Platform UX/UI Refresh

Tellius Platform has been redesigned from the scratch. You will notice that each and every part of the product has a cleaner and fresh look. Platform colors have been updated as well to closely align with our brand in release 1.6:

New Home

We've introduced of a new personalized Home page for the every user. Tellius learns from users behavior to suggest recommended content that is the most relevant to them. You will also notice that direct access to Search has been added to our home in release 1.6:

  • Search Bar on Home
  • Analysis that you might like

Users can now start searching for answers using Google-like Natural language Search Interface. We've also added many other search related feature in release 1.6: 

  • Natural Language Search
  • Sample Queries
  • Search Bar - Business View Selector 
  • Download Search Result as CSV

Business Views

Start connecting and bringing all your data from multiple sources/files. We added the support of creating logical data models in Tellius where you can bring together tables from different sources and join them together in release 1.6:

  • Visual Data Models (Business Views)
  • Edit / Publish Mode for Business Views


Gather relevant vizpads, insights and models that matter the most to your team(s) and company. Content can be organized in one place (projects) for easy access in release 1.6:

  • Organize all objects into folders
  • Share projects as mini data-driven applications

Machine Learning

Based on the feedback that we received from out customers, we added the support to bring in your custom python models to Tellius. In addition, a lot of other requested features have been added in release 1.6:

  • Python ML
  • New ML Algorithms
  • Preview
  • Apply Dataset 
  • Predict using AutoML


We added support for Python transforms in the data prep module. Couple of new connectors as well as other enhancements in the data product in release 1.6: 

  • Python Transformation
  • Datasource Refresh 
  • Edit/Publish Datasets
  • JDBC, Excel Connectors
  • Dataset Refresh
  • Column identification
  • New UX/UI for datasets and data prep 
  • Dataset List View
  • 2GB File Upload


Intercom is our new platform of choice for Help Documentation. You can visit to access all of our help, product videos and tutorials starting release 1.6:

  • Help Portal
  • Quick Videos
  • Product Overview 


We've introduced a quick way for user to receive alerts and updates on their activities and take quick actions with our Notifications module in release 1.6:


Vizpads saw updates around chart colors, aggregations and a few new charts in release 1.6:

  • Color Palette Updates 
  • Multi Aggregations 
  • Distinct Count
  • New Charts  (e.g. Cohorts)


Analyzing large data is richer with the introduction of pagination. This will improve the overall performance or by distributing the analysis over pages in release 1.6:

Quick navigation to different projects along with a navigation bar reveals the user's location on the platform in release 1.6


SAML 2.0

  • Azure AD
  • Hyperparameters 
  • Row Level Policy

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