Data Pipeline (Visual)

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Data pipeline is a powerful engine that collates data from disparate sources and provides a comprehensive set of data transformation tools to analyze the data and extract the business value out of it.

The pipeline visual is simple and interactive. Each operation that you perform is shown with an appropriate icon connected with the previous operation.

In the Data pipeline, click each operation icon to update the dataset for that operation and view the details of operations in the line.

Data Pipeline functionality in Tellius is fully automatic in creating meaningful reports to aid understanding of your business.

You do not need any actual programming or coding nor you need to do any action to add components in the pipeline. As you perform the data transformation and column transformation operations on the dataset, Tellius automatically adds that operation in the Data pipeline and connects it to the previous operation.

After adding an operation in the pipeline, you can also use the Undo and Redo operations to remove and add the icons for the operation.

Additionally, you can also use the Revert to the original version to revert to the entire pipeline to the original state when you loaded the dataset.

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