Release 2.3

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Released in November 2019

We are thrilled to announce our newest release, that will serve all your needs in BI and insights. In this release, we introduced introduced a completely new insights - Comparison Insights (Cohorts Insights), added support for Report-level Calculations and brought a few new charts to life.


Comparison Insights (Cohort Insigts)

Comparison Insights help you understand what's driving behaviour for a particular cohort as compared to the another cohort.


Check out some of the most requested features that came in from our customers including live query support for Snowflake as well as report-level calculations.

  • Report Level Calculation
  • Snowflake Support
  • Python Improvements
  • Business View Caching Improvements

Users can now go back and look at the searches that they have performed in the past as well as bookmark their favorite ones.

  • Search User History
  • Rasa Improvements
  • Search Performance Tuning


New charts such as Treemap and Histogram have been added to our product.

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