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Automating the generation and validation of SQL/Python code

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Instead of going through each line of code to find and fix errors or writing elaborate code for specific use cases from scratch, you can now ask Tellius Kaia to perform those tasks for you.

Create SQL/Python code

  1. Navigate to Data β†’ Prepare and select the required dataset on the left pane.
  2. Under Data tab, click on Edit and choose SQL or Python as required.
  1. If you choose Python (for example), you will get the following window where you can choose from the already available code library, or create code from scratch.
  2. Click on Generate with Kaia to let Kaia generate the code for you.
  1. Start typing your prompt in the box β€œAsk Kaia to generate code” and click on Generate button.
  1. The required code will be generated under Generated code section. Click on Apply code to copy-paste the code to the editor above.
  1. Alternatively, if you want to write code but use Kaia to validate your code, then click on Edit with Kaia button at the top right corner. The following options will be displayed.
Find errors

Click on Find errors to check the code for any possible errors. Kaia will display the corrected code in the section Find errors. Click on Fix errors to copy-paste the refined version to the editor.

Comment each line of code

To add more context to the code, click on Comment each line of code. Kaia will add inline comments in the section Add comments. Click on Apply comments to copy-paste the comments to the editor.

Add explanation

To add summarized explanations to the code, click on Add explanation. In the section Add explanation, Kaia will explain the code to make it easily understandable.

  1. Click on Run Validation to verify the code, and click on Save once the code is validated.
To access Kaia's capabilities for your SQL/Python code, click on the Edit with Kaia button located above the editor whenever required.

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