Best Practices & FAQs

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Best Practices

1. Save Business Views (BV) to the Fast Query Engine (FQE)

  • By default, all BVs are stored in our high-performance in-memory analytical query engine.
  • Users have an option of turning this option off during the BV creation workflow.
  • Admins can turn this option off for all new BVs created by changing the setting in the Advanced Settings tab.
  • Note: The performance of Search and Vizpad will be impacted if this option is turned off. We highly recommend saving all BVs to our fast query engine for optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. My Search Queries & Vizpads are running slow

  • Do you have the Business View (BV) saved to the Fast Query Engine (FQE)?
  • If the BV is not saved to FQE, it can result in poor performance of search queries and vizpads.

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