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Vizpads FAQs

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What is the limit on the number of charts I can add to a vizpad and within one tab?

A Vizpad can have 10 tabs, and each tab can have upto 25 charts.

Does the row-level data security apply to Search and Vizpads?

Yes, it does. However, it needs to be set up by the admin. Row-level policy is defined for a group over a Business View so that when users search and run analysis on datasets, they only see the data associated with them (and not the data that is private to a different user).

Can selection on one chart act as a filter on another?

Yes, it can be done by selecting Keep or Drill-in after clicking on a slice of a chart.

The calculated columns that are displayed during data preparation does not show up when I’m editing a Vizpad. How do I make them visible?

Go to the required Business View and select Edit. Add all columns or check the columns you need to pick.

Is there a way to rename the tabs?

Yes, click on the dropdown in a tab and select Rename.

Can I build a Vizpad using multiple Business Views?

Yes, check out our multi-Business View Vizpads.

Can I develop my own custom visualizations via rest-based APIs?

Tellius offers two forms of embedding:

  • Embedding Tellius modules (UI) into external applications (via Embedding URLs)
  • External applications querying and getting results/output via APIs

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