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An intelligent, google-like search experience that enables all users with the ability to answer ad-hoc questions across data sources.

Enables any type of user to answer ad-hoc requests without the need to sift through multiple prebuilt dashboards or rely on a data analyst/data scientist.

Search Structure

Example Query:

total revenue by product for New York monthly

Aggregation total

Measure revenue

Groupby keyword by

Dimension product

Filter keyword for

Filter value New York

Time resolution    monthly

Groupby keyword


Combined groupby


Filter keyword

for, in

Time resolution

monthly, yearly, quarterly, daily, weekly

Comparison between values

compared to, vs

Time-based filters

last year, March 2020, this week, Q4 2019

Additional logical functions

contains, =

Aggregation Types

average, avg

sum, total

minimum, min

maximum, max

top (top N)

bottom (bottom N)


show me avg revenue

show me total revenue

what is the min revenue

what is the max revenue

show me top 5 products

show me bottom 3 products

show growth of revenue monthly

Show me

How many

What is

Measure by Dimension

How much


Types of Questions

Basic Aggregation and Groupby

what is the total revenue

how much revenue by region

show me marketshare by brand and formulary


show me Rx for Motrin in the UK

how much sales for Virginia in Electronics

what is the unpaid balance for loan type contains auto


marketshare for Pepsi compared to Coke by country

what is the avg cost for Furniture vs Technology

show incidents for Windows 10 compared to Windows 7

Top/Bottom Analysis

what are the top 3 brands with highest marketshare

show me the bottom 3 channels with least revenue

which county has the most defaults


how many new subscribers monthly in CA

show growth of marketshare quarterly for Galaxy S20

show avg disp quantity for Drug A vs Drug B quarterly

Time Based Analysis

what was the churn rate in March 2020

how much revenue daily in April 2020 for Los Angeles

show me sales units for Q1 2018 compared to Q1 2019

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