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Changelog - 4.1.5

Ramya Priya Updated by Ramya Priya

📈 Enhancements

  1. In the metadata page, the experience with performing bulk operations using Tellius Copilot has been improved.
  2. Enhanced the performance of charts displayed in the "Why” section of Insights results.

🛠️ Minor Fixes

  1. The issue with displaying the chart title for marketshare related queries in Search has been fixed.
  2. The problem with generating and exporting PPT/PDF reports due to inactive session timeout has been resolved.
  3. Fixed an issue where using Top N Filters in Vizpads prevented other filters from displaying the operator and value dropdowns.
  4. Fixed the issue with retaining the user specified minimum and maximum ranges in the y-axis of charts.
  5. Fixed the drill-down operation in marketshare related charts.
  6. In Settings, addressed user interface (UI) inconsistencies on the popups displaying user roles and privileges.
  7. In Vizpads, fixed the issue where filter popups overlapped with the filter values to be selected.
  8. The issue with the excluded calculated columns being considered for Insights has been fixed.
  9. Resolved the handling of null values for marketshare-related expressions.
  10. In Data --> Prepare page, the dropdowns in Aggregate Columns window is now populated with relevant values.
  11. Addressed the issue where scripted datasets with CPS (Custom Pivot Schema) were still referencing the older dataset state after a refresh.
  12. The issue with turning on the sample data/full data while creating Vizpads has been fixed.
  13. Fixed the issue where the numeric values (which are dimensions) were formatted in exponential representation.
  14. In Vizpads, users can now create report-level formulae containing row-level calculations across live sources.
  15. Resolved SQL errors that occurred when a Snowflake live Business View contained outer joins.

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