Release 1.7

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Released in November 2018

We are thrilled to announce our latest release, that will serve all your needs in BI and insights. In this release we've put focus on making vizpads interactive by allowing to explore data, improving our newly released natural search, and providing relevant insights. We've also introduced a set of walkthrough guides to help users in self-service manner. 


Every new user is greeted by a welcome message and provide with a walkthrough of our entire platform in release 1.7:

Building upon our launch of Natural Language Search we introduced in our previous release, we introduced additional smarts into our engine (e.g. Smart Chart recommendation engine). Here's the list of the new search related features we introduced in release 1.7:

  • SmartCharts
  • Search Query Inspector 
  • Auto Disambiguation on column conflicts
  • New Search Functions - Growth, Trends, Segments
  • New Query Formats 
  • Improved Natural Language Recognition
  • Business View Columns List while Searching


Interact your way away with Vizpads now. In addition, bunch of major features such as advanced analytics, new aggregation and charts were added to bring vizpads to life in release 1.7:

  • Interactions - Drill on the fly, Brushing, Highlighting, Keep/Remove, Drill Down
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Edit/Publish Model
  • Benchmarks - Standard Deviation, Mean, Median, Max, Min 
  • Aggregations - Totals, Percent of, Count of Records 
  • 100% Stacked Chart 
  • Updated UI - Chart Tooltip, Chart Popup Menu, 2nd level Nav bar


Our data product saw introduction of SQL Transform in prepare module along with new connectors and getting started guides in release 1.7:

  • Walkthrough Guides
  • SQL Transform
  • Connectors - Teradata
  • Pre-built Hierarchies 

Genius Insights

Working with Genius Insights is easier as you can now see the information on the columns that were used as well as take action by editing the insights and running them for better results. Additionally, you can now export insights output as well as apply the insights on a business view in release 1.7:

  • Segment Drivers Info
  • Trend Drivers Info
  • Edit Drivers
  • Edit Discoveries
  • Fine Tune Insights
  • Insights Apply 
  • Insights Export  

Machine Learning

No need to create new datasets just to apply predictions. Now you can apply predictions directly to Business View in release 1.7:


  • Walkthrough guide popup in major modules. 
  • New Icons have been added throughout the app.

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