Snowflake Best Practices

Snowflake is a Cloud Data Platform with an innovative consumption-based pricing model. See below for best practices when utilizing Snowflake as a data source within Tellius.

Live Mode

Live Mode allows your queries to utilize the Snowflake engine, without ever moving data

We recommend enabling Live Mode for most Snowflake users

General Performance

Create indexes on key columns in Snowflake to improve query performance

Complex Views

Create complex views in Snowflake rather than in Tellius


When using Live Mode, transformations should be done inside of Snowflake - you can still add synonyms, aliases and other metadata changes within Tellius

Insights and ML

For better performing insights and ML models, use more granular data - the lower the level of aggregation for a materialized view in Snowflake, the better the insights

If more than 40% of your use is Insights, create a secondary connection that with Live Mode disabled and data refreshed on a schedule. Use this connection for creating insights. This will insure Insights performance is optimal.

Joining With External Data

It is possible to join data from Snowflake with data from other sources in Tellius - when doing so, follow standard data model techniques like STAR and Snowflake schema

Architecture Diagram

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