Feature Selection

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When you create a Auto-ML model, the Auto ML page displays the chart for the selected prediction.

On the same page, you can also view the advanced options to specify additional parameters for your prediction.

Click the Advanced Configuration to view the ML Options and Features tabs.

On the Features tab, Tellius displays the features from the selected business view. You can select features that you want to include in the prediction.

  • Feature Name: The name of the feature.
  • Data Type: The type of the value the feature stores.
  • Handle Null: The option how you want to handle the null values for the feature.
  • Feature Type: The type of the features. Options are continuous and categorical.
  • Feature Transformation: The type of transformation that you want to apply to the feature. Feature transformation is a process to create a new feature using the existing feature. The new feature may not have the same interpretation as the original features, but they may have more information.

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