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Changelog - 4.2.6

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In our latest release 4.2.6, we're excited to roll out an array of improvements and fixes, aimed at improving the Vizpad experience, enhancing user experience, and ensuring optimal performance. These improvements highlight our commitment to offering you a robust and user-friendly platform.

📈 Enhancements

Streamlined the embedding of Tellius Assistant

We have improved the embedding of Tellius Assistant to provide a more focused, interactive experience. Instead of embedding the entire full-screen interface for Tellius Assistant, users now have the flexibility to embed just the chat window. This makes it easier to seamlessly integrate Tellius Assistant into smaller frames or user interfaces, providing a chat-centric interaction.

Custom SQL support for BigQuery connector

BigQuery now joins the ranks of our other connectors with the support for custom SQL. Users can now implement custom SQL queries with BigQuery, enhancing the flexibility and control over your data operations. Please note that this new feature is currently available through backend API implementation. 

🛠️ Minor fixes

Data loading and integration fixes
  1. Resolved data loading issues from Teradata while using generic JDBC.
  2. Streamlined data loading from Redshift in distributed Spark setups.
  3. Fixed issues to enable seamless data loading from delta format files in S3.
  4. Fixed an issue where the loading icon wasn't visible in the Data Pipeline when importing datasets using Cloud SQL connectors.
  5. Fixed the incorrect display of table filters for datasets loaded via Snowflake OAuth.
  6. The connector icon has been added for FTP datasets for easier identification.
Vizpads enhancements and fixes
  1. Fixes were made to ensure PPT downloads are functional irrespective of individual cookie settings.
  2. The issue with displaying percentage change in tooltips on hovering has been fixed.
  3. The issue with using “Matches Regex” operator as filters has been resolved.
  4. The issue with selecting and deselecting columns in the list control viz has been fixed.
  5. In the text charts, rectified the bullet point and text alignment issues when the cursor moves to the next line.
  6. In the View mode, users will no longer be able to resize viz.
  7. The issue with formatting changes not reflecting immediately on charts with marketshare aggregations has been fixed.
  8. Enhanced error messages when adding viz from Search, especially after the 30 viz limit is reached.
  9. Addressed the delay in applying number formatting for market share measures on charts.
  10. Improved the design and display of the multi-select control viz, ensuring clarity and consistency even when resized.
  11. Rectified issues with the display of data labels for cohort charts.
  12. The issue with displaying the whole Vizpad names without ellipses has been fixed.
  13. Resolved the issue with changing dimensions and values while creating Comparison Insights from Vizpads.
  14. Fixed the display of filters for better visibility, particularly when the viz is resized or positioned near screen edges.
UI/UX fixes
  1. Resolved issues related to the display of project names after edits.
  2. Corrected the status display (published/edited) of calculated columns, especially during undo/redo operations.
  3. Corrected the display of Business View refresh status, offering a clearer distinction between success and failure.
  4. During data preparation, the output dataset name will no longer accept spaces in addition to special characters and symbols.
  5. The overlapping issue with the share button and user icons in the Business View tab has been fixed.
  6. Resolved the issue with adding search query to the Search Guide especially after selecting all the existing Business Views.
Performance and stability upgrades
  1. The performance of Feed pages created with multiple insights has been optimized, ensuring faster load times.
  2. Resolved occasional freezes observed with line charts containing numerous lines, especially when toggling legends.
  3. Dataset renaming in the data pipeline no longer results in empty nodes, and displays the correct renamed information.
  4. Rectified issues related to XGBoost algorithm models for more consistent performance.

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