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Changelog - 4.3.2

Ramya Priya Updated by Ramya Priya

We are thrilled to announce the release version 4.3.2, a significant update in our continuous effort to provide a more intuitive and powerful analytics experience. This release introduces a host of notable improvements—from the integration of SmartView Search in Tellius Assistant to optimized functionalities—all aimed at improving the efficiency of interactions across the platform.

🚀 New feature

SmartSelect is now in Tellius Assistant!

Users can now effortlessly query across all Business Views in Tellius Assistant. Similar to the SmartSelect feature introduced for Search in 4.3.1, Tellius Assistant intelligently selects the most relevant Business View based on the context. In scenarios where multiple Business Views closely match the query, the top 5 closest matches are displayed, ensuring users have access to the most pertinent information. This simplifies the interaction with the Assistant, as users no longer need to manually select a Business View, leading to a more fluid, time-saving, and intuitive user interaction.

Once a relevant Business View is auto-selected, users have the option to pin it, directing Tellius Assistant to focus subsequent searches on that pinned Business View. Users can also unpin the Business View, allowing Tellius Assistant to look for the best-fit match for the next set of queries.

📈 Enhancements

Default role integration for User API

Strengthened the User API by incorporating the use of saml_default_role as the default role for users created through the API. This enhancement aligns with Single Sign-On (SSO) configurations, ensuring that users are assigned appropriate roles automatically when no explicit role is specified in the API.

Enhanced password security with secret mount

Introduced support for reading passwords from a secret mount, bolstering security across various internal databases. This update focuses on safeguarding the sensitive data, allowing for more secure password management and reduced risk of unauthorized access.

Implemented query-level caching for Search and Vizpads to accelerate the processing of queries, particularly beneficial when dealing with various time zones or charts created by identical queries. This update reduces the load time and improves the responsiveness of Vizpads and Search features.

Confirmation prompts for managing notifications

Added confirmation pop-ups for critical actions like “Mark all as read” and “Delete all” in Notifications. This improvement provides a safety check, preventing accidental deletions or status changes of important notifications.

Refined Business View scheduling

Addressed the following issues related to Business View schedules on the Dataset page:

  • Eliminated the display of duplicate Business Views on the Dataset Schedule page.
  • Ensured visibility of Business Views that are created from a dataset, even if they are not directly accessible to the user. This update resolves the problem of continuous, unintended refreshes.
  • Extended the ability to update the configurations of Business View refresh configurations beyond the user who created the schedule. This enhancement democratizes schedule management, allowing more flexibility and collaboration among team members in managing data refresh schedules.

🛠️ Minor fixes

  1. In Search, resolved an issue where duplicate learnings are created when separators are removed and updated in learnings.
  2. Connecting to Oracle datasets has been optimized to fetch a smaller, more manageable number of tables (400), improving performance and avoiding timeouts.
  3. Corrected the positioning of the “Request Edit” button on the Prepare page, ensuring it remains accessible for users.
  4. In Insights, addressed the issue of displaying zero values in the top section of Trend Drivers.
  5. In Search, enhanced token recognition to correctly handle reserved keywords, improving the accuracy of search results.
  6. Updated permissions to allow users with edit rights to unschedule resources created by any owner.
  7. The issue with filters being applied to irrelevant viz after saving multi-Business View Vizpads has been fixed.
  8. Resolved the temporary “No Data Found” display when switching datasets on the metadata page.
  9. In the metadata page, fixed the issue of the Publish button remaining visible after successful publication.
  10. In Search, fixed the issue causing the list of Business Views to be hidden after configuring Insight. 
  11. In Search, resolved the issue where not all available Vizpads were being displayed when adding search results to Vizpads.
  12. Fixed the issue where refreshing datasets removed previously applied metadata transformations.
  13. Resolved the issue with the display of default Business View after interacting with filter controls.
  14. The issue with exporting CSV format of pivot tables containing date dimensions has been fixed.
  15. Resolved the unintended generation of Insights when clicking the undo button in the Insight configuration window.
  16. Fixed the issue of displaying incorrect total data loaded and fixed the validation of total dataset size limitation.
  17. Addressed the issue where excluded columns from the Metadata page were considered for Insights triggered from Search.
  18. In Vizpads, improved the search functionality to filter matching Vizpads by their title.
  19. Fixed the issue with report-level calculated column creation for Business Views used in Prediction.
  20. Resolved the issue with the creation of live Business Views from Redshift when data is loaded from non-public schemas.
  21. Increased the data point threshold to 5000 for Combo (Bar/Line) charts in Vizpads to support larger datasets.
  22. In Vizpads, fixed the unique row calculation of data points in pivot tables.
  23. The issue with publishing Business Views after adding synonyms to calculated columns has been fixed.
  24. In Vizpads View mode, resolved the issue with the display of filter values while creating Feed/Insights from any chart.
  25. The issue with implementing BigQuery custom SQL queries for tables containing special characters has been resolved.
  26. Addressed the issue in creating calculated columns for Exasol connectors after publishing.
  27. In Search Inspector, resolved the issue with displaying absolute change calculation formulae for columns containing special characters in their names.
  28. In Vizpads, resolved the issue with implementing Year-over-Year (YoY) queries with weekly resolution for MySQL live Business Views.
  29. In Vizpads, fixed aggregation issues for columns with special characters.
  30. Addressed the ability to delete learnings, edit column groups and calculated column formulae, and for Business Views shared in View mode.
  31. In Vizpads, addressed the problem of displaying duplicate filter pills for the same column.
  32. In Vizpads, fixed the display of color palette dropdown for treemaps, heatmaps, and boundary maps.
  33. Resolved the issue where all associated Business Views were not displayed in the Data → Prepare → Schedule tab until after a page refresh.
  34.  In Vizpads, fixed the display of href tags in dropdown list after selecting values.
  35. Implemented case-insensitive search functionality for table names in Oracle connector.
  36. Fixed the issue with retaining custom formatting after switching a measure column to another measure.
  37. In the Data tab, addressed alignment issues in the "Refresh Datasource" window.
  38. Improved the performance and validation of SQL transformations in Permanent Data Storage.

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