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Creating and Viewing Insights

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Create Insights

Insights can be created using postMessage communication. Once the embedding app is connected with Tellius following the steps in this section, the below URL can be used to create an Insight:


Here, the businessviewID indicates the Business View using which the Insight needs to be created.

The state of an Insight can be one of the following. A notification will be sent when the state gets changed.

  1. Running - when the Insight is being created. actionType:INSIGHT_INITIATED
  2. Completed - when the Insight has been created. actionType: INSIGHT_COMPLETED
  3. Failed - when the Insight creation has failed. actionType: INSIGHT_FAILED

The following is the response postMessage sent from Tellius:

"actionType": "INSIGHT_COMPLETED",
"timetaken": "18s",
"result": {
"insightId": "insight_4c0133ab-ed88-4512-8874-b9dbf3dae544",
"driverId": "driver_e83557ed-14ca-4aeb-9b71-1412953d43b3",
"type": "DriverCreateResponse"
"fromGraph": false,
"request": {
"driverName": "gc1",
"label": "Ship_Mode",
"options": {
"featureselection_featurenames": "Row_ID,Order_ID",
"featureselection_includefeaturenames": "true",
"targetLabel": "First Class",
"treeDepth": "large,small",
"sample": "0.1",
"createStage": "false"
"sourceid": "bv_66513cf3-8a58-4be0-8d06-f8cf26d4725f",
"createdBy": "18d60756-712e-4867-a301-430ba7f58880",
"labelType": "categorical"
"consumed": false,
"jobType": "SegmentDiscoveryInsight",
"status": "SUCCESS",
"jobId": "ae661436-7863-4fb1-a63a-9fb8a90157ee",
"starttime": "2021-03-11T17:36:05.068Z",
"createdBy": "superUser",
"estimatedResourceSizeBytes": 2663691,
"name": "Segment Discovery Insight"}

The code consists of both request and response information. The result section has components such as insightID and driverID. These two can be utilised to form the URL https://domain/discover/insight/insightID/driverID -- which can be used to get redirected to the required Insight.

Tellius also sends the following details as a response:

  1. starttime: The time in which the Insight creation was started
  2. createdBy: The user who created the Insight
  3. driverName: name of Insights
  4. jobType: the type of Insight created. It could be one of the following:
  • SegmentDiscoveryInsight
  • Trend
  • Cohort
  1. consumed: flag indicating whether the Insight has been viewed. If set to true, then the Insight has been opened/viewed.

View Insights 

Request URL:{jwt token}

The component access can be set to read or edit as required.

Add to Vizpads

For more details on adding Insights to a Vizpad, please refer to this section.

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Steps to embed an Insight