Release 2.1

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Released in June 2019

We are thrilled to announce our newest release, that will serve all your needs in BI and insights. In this release, we introduced major improvements to our Machine Learning Product. Explainable AI and Ensemble Models are two of the differentiating features that were most requested by our customers. In addition, many features were added to other products as well. Take a look.

Machine Learning

  • Explainable AI
  • Ensemble Models
  • New Dataset from ML prediction
  • Next Word Recommendation & Ranking
  • Anomalies in Search
  • Why Insights w/ Time Range Filters
  • Navigate to Existing Insights
  • Map In Search
  • List View In Search Results
  • Future Dates in Search Filters


  • Embedding Insights
  • Metrics (Transparency) in Segment Insights
  • Improve Key Driver algo
  • Segment Information for Key Drivers (Segment Insights) + redesign
  • Fine-tuning Segment Algorithms
  • Trend Insights Algorithms


  • Column Importance / Exclusion
  • Store additional metadata
  • Geo Columns

Settings / Other Items

  • Embedding
  • Embed all Modules (iFrame approach)
  • Communicate w/ Parent App (Vizpad)
  • Security Improvements - Super User


  • UI Improvements
  • Formatting Improvements
  • Color Palettes for Maps & Heatmap

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