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Genius Insights is a feature in Tellius to quickly extract valuable information from the huge data from the data set.

Manually, it is impossible to scroll through millions of data rows and find meaningful information in different forms, like charts, tables, maps, histograms, etc.

This is where Genius Insights works for the user. Tellius works to find patterns, trends, and segments in your data while you make a few clicks.

While you ask questions, Tellius works as your personal BI assistant to provide all the answers and reasons to why your data is the way it is.

About Genius Insights

Tellius AI-enabled genius insights look for trends, patterns, anomalies by analyzing the data at a large scale saving you time and money! Tellius uses the capabilities of AI to uncover hidden insights and translate information into actionable steps and business outcomes.

With Genius Insights, you can discover the interesting facts and detailed factors that drive your trends and anomalies to go up or down.

To learn how Genius Insights works, visitĀ How Genius Insights works.

Types of Genius Insights

Accessing Genius Insights

There are many ways to access genius insights.

  • Select a dataset, required features and filters, and then generate the insights
  • Use the intelligentĀ Natural SearchĀ option to discover the insight based on the specified query
  • UseĀ Vizpads to discover the insights

Genius Insight Thumbnail

For each Genius Insight, a thumbnail is created on the Genius Insight page.

The bottom section of the thumbnail contains brief information about the Insight.

It includes the following details:

  • Insight title
  • Author initials
  • Number of drivers and discoveries in the insight
  • Date when the insight was last updated

When you move the mouse pointer on the thumbnail, you can view the options for the following operations that you can perform on the respective insight.

  • Refresh: Schedule a refresh for the specific insight
  • Open: View the details of the insight
  • Share: Give edit or view only access to members of your organization or team

Now, the bottom section displays different information, which includes

  • Business View used
  • Date when the insight created

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How Genius Insights works