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Changelog - 4.1.3

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📈 Enhancements

  1. The Business View that provides user activity details has been updated to include Datasource ID, providing more accurate tracking of user interactions with data sources.
  2. Users can now configure default aggregation to be used across Tellius. This instance-level setting provides the flexibility to override the default aggregation for specific modules if needed.
  3. Users can now scroll the individual cells of Description and Synonyms on the Metadata page.
  4. Resolved the inability to add same date columns with varying resolutions in pivot tables.
  5. Improved the error message when attempting to export data that has been automatically cleaned up.
  6. User-specified formats for percentage and market share-related charts will now be overridden with the suffix %.

🛠️ Minor Fixes

  1. Addressed an issue where the tooltip overlapped with the user input while selecting or typing filter values in Vizpads.
  2. Resolved an issue where the Stats page will now accurately display count and unique count without requiring manual dataset refresh.
  3. The web links in the datasets have been made clickable.
  4. The issue with rendering the data page containing HTML cells has been resolved.
  5. The permission issue with accessing the Data and Predict tabs has been fixed.
  6. Resolved the issue of deleting multiple display names from the Metadata page.
  7. Fixed an issue where the list of Used Datasets was not displayed in the Edit Scripted Dataset page after a refresh or additional transformations to the source datasets.
  8. The issue with scripted datasets with Copy to System displaying as HDFS has been fixed.
  9. Fixed issues where aggregations were displayed for dimension columns.
  10. The issue with display names being duplicated for columns in a dataset/Business View has been fixed.
  11. Improved handling of similarly named columns from multiple datasets during joins to prevent duplicate display names.
  12. In Vizpads, the timeout to process the download of PPT has been increased.
  13. The issue with displaying lengthy descriptions on tooltips when hovered over columns has been fixed.
  14. Fixed an issue where tooltips were overlapping with column fields in Vizpad, preventing users from easily dragging and dropping required columns. 
  15. Fixed an issue where Insights were not referred to by their updated name while creating and editing them.
  16. In Vizpads, the issue with double-clicking on date dimensions to apply for YoY charts has been fixed.
  17. When creating a Feed, the issue with updating filter values after switching to a different Business View has been resolved.
  18. The scrolling issue that hindered the display of filter values while creating Insights has been resolved.
  19. The issue with formatting data label color for treemaps and Sankey charts has been resolved.
  20. Formatting and spacing improvements have been brought into Tellius Copilot to enhance the overall user interface.

🛡️ Security Updates

As a part of maintaining a robust cybersecurity posture, Tellius performs regular penetration tests to proactively address constantly evolving threats and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. In this release, the following security measures have been introduced:

  1. TLS has been upgraded to v1.3, eliminating ciphers with Lucky13 vulnerabilities.
  2. File path traversal vulnerabilities have been addressed.
  3. X-frame options header has been introduced to mitigate clickjacking vulnerability.
  4. Auth tokens and sensitive information have been removed from specific APIs.
  5. Under Settings, the timeout for inactive sessions can now be configured.
  6. Validations have been added to SQL transformations to allow only DQL (Data Query Language).
  7. The cookies have been updated to include the secure flag (HTTPS).
  8. Access to user and group lists has been restricted for low-privileged users, allowing only admins to view detailed information.
  9. Additional security headers have been implemented.
  10. Unauthorized access to specific APIs has been revoked.

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