Art of Possible v/s Natural Search

In the case of machine intelligence, getting the right answers for questions is quite challenging.

Tellius, being supporting both AI and ML, not only understands the questions asked in a query form, a natural human language, or even in spoken English language, but also gives the deep insights from the data source.

While asking the questions, you must be specific in what information you want to know. This can help Tellius retrieve the best results from the data source.

This article helps you in knowing the right question that you can ask Tellius.

Basic Questions

Let's look at a list of basic questions to ask Tellius. These are the simple questions that can be used as a starting point before going in-depth in your analysis.

  • show total Profit
  • show average Profit (in Sales Analytics)
  • show count Profit for California
  • show Category
  • show total Category
  • show Profit and Sales
  • show Sales and Revenue by Category
  • show sum Profit by Country
  • show total Profit and Sales by SubCategory by Country

Looking at the various questions you can ask, you'll notice the way Tellius processes questions: it handles specific questions well. The more specific you are, the better data you receive.

Intermediate/Advanced Questions

These questions could be basic but with a little more specifications, such as time range, date, resolutionfiltercompare to or contains.


The following questions retrieve the information based on the specified filter conditions:

  • show average Profit by Country for Furniture
  • show total Sales by ProductName for Texas
  • show maximum Revenue for State = Texas and State = California
  • show sum Profit by SubCategory for France for Furniture


The following questions retrieve the information in a specific date and time range:

  • show minimum Users for last 2 months
  • show top 3 Revenue by Region this year
  • show bottom 9 Profit by Country and State for last 6 years


  • show sum Profit weekly
  • show average ShippingCost by Market monthly
  • show total Revenue monthly for Quantity > 2
  • show total Sales daily for Quantity = 4
  • show Sales and Profit quarterly
  • show sum Sales and sum Profit by Country daily
  • show Sales and Profit by Category monthly


The following questions retrieve information based on the fields containing specific information:

  • show total Discount by Region for Safeway for Country contains C
  • show sum Profit by SubCategory for Category contains Technology
  • show average Sales by Products for SubCategory contains Book


The following questions retrieve information by comparing different values in fields:

  • show sum Profit by Country for Technology compared to Furniture
  • show average Sales compared to average Revenue
  • show sum Sales for Consumer compared to Corporate
  • show total Sales by Category for Ohio compared to Texas


The following questions retrieve information based on multiple conditions:

  • show sum Profit by Country for Technology compared to Furniture monthly for last 4 years
  • show sum Sales quarterly for Consumer compared to Corporate
  • show sum Quantity quarterly for West compared to East for last 7 years


The following questions retrieve the statistical information, like trends, growth, and segmentation. Specific keywords trend, growth, and segments are used in the question:

  • show trend of average sales monthly for this year
  • show growth of sales yearly
  • show growth of Sales by Products monthly
  • show trend of Sales by Category yearly
  • show trend of average Sales weekly for California compared to Ohio
  • show trend of average quantity and average sales daily for last 2 years
  • show segments average sales and average revenue by category
  • Show segments between Profit and Sales by SubCategory for Category contains Technolog


The following questions retrieve the high performing and low performing fields based on the specified conditions. The specific keywords top, and bottom are used in the question:

  • show bottom 5 Cost by Category for last 3 years
  • show top 3 Revenue by Region this year
  • show bottom 5 Cost by Category
  • show top 10 Sales by Category and Country


The following questions retrieve the profit details in terms of percentage. The specific keyword Profit is used in the question:

  • What's the percentage Profit for Technology compared to Furniture
  • What is the percentage Profit by Category
  • Give me the percentage Profit for Technology compared to Furniture for all Category


The following questions retrieve the profit details for a particular time range. The specific keyword Profit is used in the question:

  • show me the total Profit for 2013 compared to 2014
  • show the total Profit for Jan 2013 compared to Feb 2013


Top N and Bottom N comparison Query with GroupBy

You can select Top N or Bottom N dimension on aggregated measures in search.  

It is possible to add a second dimension to get a stacked bar chart, or a time resolution to get line charts for the Top N items.

Example search: what are the top 5 Product Categories by Subscription rate in the region.

Example search: show bottom 3 customers with the most revenue yearly.

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