How Genius Insights works

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Tellius uses advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically find insights and visualize relevant trends and anomalies with a clear perception that can develop through the use of analytics on the dataset.

Tellius provides:

  • Ranked Intelligence: Displays gathered insights ordered by relevance and rank top 6 attributes influencing a defined target
  • ML Library Creation: Create ML frameworks using any dataset to better understand customers, anticipate risk and uncover new opportunities
  • KPI Evaluation: Tellius combines millions of variables to test assumptions and identify KPIs with the most relevant business value
  • What-if (predictive) and What Next (Prescriptive): Tellius uses the underlying ML models trained during Insights process and uses them to provide What-if and What-else scenario's

These insights gained through analytics are incredible, powerful, and can be used to grow your business by identifying areas of opportunity.

In Tellius, the Data Insights provides metrics and visualizations that enable you to learn about the input data associated with your dataset, including the information, like top features influencing other features, the relative importance of features influencing other features.

Note: You can refine your insight drivers and discoveries by including and removing specific features / columns for more meaningful insights.

Start using insights help you make better business decisions by creating a Genius Insight.

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