What is autoscaling?

Hardik Chheda Updated by Hardik Chheda

Tellius allows users to ask the "What" questions with Search and Vizpad.

Currently many organizations restrict the access to these features as they feel they need to dedicate a lot of resources to make it available to mass users. This is not good for data analytics democratization.

Tellius is providing the auto scaling ability to the inbuilt FQE engine, which can scaled on demand. This allows organizations to rollout exploratory data analytics to all their users without worrying about the infrastructure costs.

Tellius runs a unified architecture where both ICE and FQE share the same infrastructure. So auto scaling one of the engines in the cluster can help other engines reuse the same infrastructure once the first engine is done with the work. This leads to easier deployment and effective use of the infrastructure.

Also, Tellius engines are transparent to the user so that the user does not need to explicitly move the data between engines. Users can seamlessly move between the engines.

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