What is Natural Search?

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Natural search is the search in which the user interacts with the system through regular spoken language, similar to Google search, instead of a query language of restricted vocabulary used in other interfaces.

As the Natural search involves a large vocabulary, it is not an easy task for teaching machines to understand how the user communicates to get the required information.

Tellius, with skilled efforts of the team, have developed a Search engine that can understand the Natural language.

Not just the back end, even the Search bar is designed to highlight words in the search statement as you type them. These highlighted words act as clickable tokens relevant to the query format to find the best results.

Tellius has also focused on enhancing the user experience where the search quickly adapts to the questions from the user and assists them in getting what they exactly looking for.

Additionally, Search is also provided with the ASR (Active Speech Recognition) integration. This ASR integration helps users to get the result by speaking the question instead of typing it.

Search Interface

In the Search bar, click the colored tokens and select another option to change the original question to further analyze the data.


In the query, each highlighted word is stored and recognized as a token to help identify and render the most accurate results.

Auto correcting query

When you write a question in the Search bar, you may write it in a natural language. However, Tellius intelligently interprets the question and auto-correct the question in a valid format that the system can understand to generate the analysis as you expected.

Even if the question is incomplete, Tellius interprets it correctly and displays the exact analysis as per the expectations.

Auto inference

The name inference indicates the reasoning involved in drawing a conclusion or making a logical judgment. Auto inference in Tellius is the way Tellius analyzes the question and instead of displaying chart for all queries, it also runs the insights for certain queries.

No Fixed Query Format

Being Natural language enabled, Tellius does not restrict you to write your question in a specific format. You can write your question in a human language and Tellisus can interpret it correctly to display the exact analysis as per your expectations.

Voice Recognization, a hands-free search with voice

The Search bar provides the voice recognition option by which you can enter your question by speaking instead of typing.

Before you start speaking, you must click the mic icon and then start speaking your question.

Tellius recognizes the voice correctly even if you take a pause in between. Tellius interprets the entered question even if it is incomplete. Once you restart speaking and complete the remaining query, Tellius again interprets the full question and generates the analysis.

Note: Voice recognition only works with Natural Search.


Let's say we are looking at a Retail Dataset, and we wanted to see the list of our top selling brands in the country. How would you ask that question on Tellius?

Question: What are the worst performing products?

Answer: Tellius displays a chart that is most relevant to the question entered in the Search bar and provides details on how it identified the context. Tellius understands the natural language that the users speak or types. It identifies that performing is associated with profit metric in the dataset and the worst 5 refers to the bottom. While combining the entire question together, it understands that it needs to find the worst products with the least profit.

You can Teach Tellius the business lingo and context to receive better results and get accurate answers.

Question: Compare my sales in 2011 vs 2012

Answer: Tellius identified that you wanted to compare and contrast the sales between the 2 years. It understands that the best visual representation is a bar chart when users are comparing two different aspects.

If you are looking for a complete list of example Searches possible on Tellius, you can navigate here: Art of Possible on Search.

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