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Embedding FAQs

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What type of embedding should I choose?

Based on your requirement - if you want to show a static dashboard (revenue, leads captured etc.) that is common to all users, then you can go with the static token method. For user-specific/interactive charts, dynamic token method can be used. Also, consider the following criteria before choosing an embedding method:

  • The data consumers of the app (specific to a team/user or common audience)
  • The technical expertise of the team (ability to build customized UI, generating unique jwt etc.)
  • The estimated time of completion (few hours or few months)
  • The level of customization required (no customization or inputs-only or full level of control)
Can we do multiple types of embedding in a single application?

Yes, multiple types of embedding can be deployed in a single application. Each iFrame component can be configured separately. 

3. What are the security measures taken on embedding?

Tellius can be configured to allow embedding only from same/listed origins and restrict cross-origin requests. The JWT also comes with an expiration.

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