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Changelog - 4.3.4

Ramya Priya Updated by Ramya Priya

The key highlights of our latest update 4.3.4 include the ability to hide/show Business Views in both Search and Tellius Assistant, ensuring a more tailored and focused search. Additionally, we've integrated zip code recognition into our search functionality, enabling more precise geographic analyses. Along with the major updates, we've also implemented a couple of improvements and addressed a variety of minor fixes to optimize your workflow.

πŸš€ New features

Selective display of Business Views in Search and Assistant

We're introducing the ability to limit the display of certain Business Views in Search and Tellius Assistant. This new functionality allows users to exclude specific Business Views that are not relevant for analysis or search purposes.

Under Data --> Business Views, admins can now flag certain Business Views to exclude them from being displayed and considered for search queries in Search and Tellius Assistant. This is particularly useful for intermediate or validation or non-essential Business Views that are not needed for direct analysis. Tellius ensures a more focused search experience, especially beneficial for users managing hundreds of BVs, enabling them to quickly navigate and select the most pertinent BVs. By providing a cleaner, more organized search interface, this feature reduces the time spent sifting through irrelevant Business Views.Β 

Zipcode type geographical columns are now fully supported within the search function, aligning with their existing compatibility in Vizpads. Now, just like State, County, and Country, search queries involving zip codes will automatically integrate boundary maps for a more detailed geographic analysis. This improvement enables more precise location-based results directly from the search interface.

Under Prepare --> Metadata, ensure that the Special Type attribute of the required Zip column is assigned with "Zip" value.

πŸ“ˆ Enhancements

  1. For user accounts, the validation rules have been updated for first names, last names, usernames, and email addresses to include only letters (A-Z, a-z), numbers (0-9), hyphens (-), underscores (_), plus signs (+), and periods (.). Additional special characters are not allowed. For usernames and emails, the "@" symbol is also permitted.
  2. Pivot tables now support the addition of more than 15 measures, enabling more complex and detailed data analysis.

πŸ› οΈΒ Minor fixes

  1. Removed the display of icons on hovering non-editable queries in the Search Guide.
  2. In Vizpads, fixed the issue that caused selected values to overflow the input field when choosing multiple options in dropdown menus.
  3. In the GPT mode of Search, corrected the issue where not all keywords were considered in lengthy queries.
  4. Addressed CSS flickering when embedding the Tellius Assistant within another app, providing a stable integration.
  5. In Search, fixed a bug where chart colors were not applied correctly if a range-type color palette is chosen, ensuring accurate data visualization.
  6. In pivot tables of Vizpads, fixed the issue with adding same date columns for Dimension (Row) and Dimension (Column) fields.
  7. In Vizpads, fixed a bug where percentage column (aggregated) filtering returned empty rows for live Snowflake datasets.
  8. In Vizpads, corrected sorting issues when a date column was added to pivot tables.
  9. In Vizpads, the issue with applying marketshare-related aggregations for date columns in pivot tables has been fixed.
  10. In Vizpads, addressed sorting issues in pivot tables when dealing with NULL values. Depending on the sort order, NULLs will either be placed at the beginning or the end of the sorted data.
  11. In Vizpads, addressed an issue with pivot tables where enabling column totals and then removing all measure columns resulted in an error, preventing the addition of new measure columns.Β 
  12. Updated Tellius Assistant to use display names in suggestions instead of original column names.

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