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The Tellius Mobile App

The Tellius Mobile App brings intelligence to the users' fingertips anytime, anywhere. Tellius Mobile App allows users to search, view, and interact with the reports created in the Tellius platform. Vizpads, search and feeds are the first features to be supported in the Tellius Mobile app, with plans to add support for additional features shortly.

Tellius App was developed to support both the iOS and Android operating systems. Below are instructions on how to access the Tellius App on both Platforms. The Tellius mobile app allows you to access Vizpads and run search queries on the go from your mobile phone. You can browse all the Vizpads created by you or shared with you.

Tellius App in Apple AppStore

When connecting to the Apple AppStore, just use the search function and enter "Tellius". The app will become available for install on the mobile device.

Tellius App in on Android devices

Users that have Android devices, can download the app package as an APK at this link. Once downloaded, the users can connect to their Tellius instances.

Getting Started

Tellius mobile app is available for Android and iOS platforms. Download the Tellius app from the following links:

iOS App:

User can download the Tellius mobile app from the iOS store for iPhone and iPad. User can down the Tellius iOS App from this link here:

Android App:

User can request the APK of Android app from the Admin or download it from this Android APK link:


  • Tellius user account
  • Apple iOS version 9.0 or later (iPad and iPhone)
  • Android 6.0 or later



Search the business queries in natural language and get the results instantly anytime anywhere.


View the existing vizpads created by you or shared by other users.


Feed provides you with various information, like a summary of the question/metric or a line chart to showcase the change between current and previous state.


View and update profile details.

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