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Visualizing data is an essential part of making sense of it. Tellius offers Vizpads, which are interactive dashboards that let users illustrate their data by adding visualizations, colors, and other interactive elements. Vizpads help simplify storytelling by relying more on visuals and fewer words. Users can create Vizpads by selecting a business view, adding and organizing interactive content, and then saving their work.

Best Practices

  • Consider whether all the content should be available in one Vizpad, whether all content should be on one tab or spread across multiple, and whether a global filter should be applied by default.
  • Apply report-level filters to each visualization if necessary.
  • Place filter options towards the top of the page so that it is clear to users what context they can subset the data on.
  • Limit the number of visualizations on each Vizpad to the minimum possible to prevent performance issues, especially with complex chart types and many filter options.
  • Use the Favorite icon to select up to 5 of your most regularly used Vizpads that can be easily accessed from the left navigation pane.
  • Save or move Vizpads into projects to organize content that can easily be shared with users or user groups.

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