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What happens when a refresh is set up for an Insight?

The Insight will refresh/re-run at the scheduled time, irrespective of data refresh, and you will receive a notification. If the data remains unchanged, the resulting insight will be the same.

Why does comparison insight show me the number of rows?

It could be useful in some cases to assess the frequency comparison between cohorts.

How do you know when to use discovery insights vs. autoML?

Tellius Insights is still a descriptive output, although it uses predictive modeling on the back end. Use Insights to uncover and quantify relationships between metrics and dimensions in order to explain a particular scenario in the data. ML is used when a certain outcome needs to be predicted (example: predict if a loan is going to be charged off, predict sales for 30 days into the future)

Can you use a custom model for Discovery Insights?

No, Insights is a fine-tuned framework that produces four types of output at the moment: discovery, segment driver, comparison, and trend.

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