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As the name says, Tellius keeps the track of all queries that you enter to search for the data.

Additionally, Tellius also adds a bookmark to your favorite searches, quickly finds previous queries that you searched, or that are related to a specific business view.

Why Search History

Considering a traditional browser history, it is not easy to navigate through history and usually leads to scrolling the endless list of links or searches.

With Tellius Search History, you can find queries and results whenever you need them using any word or phrase, which is related to the original query.

Key Features

  • Find and open the query in search history, just like you would search files on your computer
  • Add queries that are important into your favorites to quickly build vizpads or revisit the information in a single quick
  • Revisit any searched query that you have rendered using the keywords you remember
  • Ease of searching through as Tellius only shows valid queries in the search history, making it more meaningful and valuable
  • Delete unwanted queries and get better recommendations as you ask questions and ensure you never lose your chain of thoughts.
Note: The search history is personal to the user and cannot be accessed by admins or other users.

Search history panel

Tellius also provides a Search history panel for quick access to the queries. On the Search page, you can click the Search History icon at the right side of the page.

The Search history panel displays all searched queries and also provides options to select the business view and custom date range to view the related search history.

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