Release 1.5

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Released in March 2018

We are thrilled to announce our newest release, that will serve all your needs in BI and insights. In this release, we introduced two New Products - Genius Insights and Automated Machine Learning

Genius Insights 

Genius Insights is an AI powered automated discovery analytics product that can uncover hidden insights for the user in a single click. We've added support for the following automated insights in release 1.5:

  • Anomaly detection
  • Correlations discovery
  • Predictive factors & Recommendations
  • Trend change drivers & Recommendations

Automated Machine Learning

Self Service Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) for the citizen data scientist without writing a single line of code. This new product will enable any user to create machine learning models in a few clicks. We will support the following classes of models in release 1.5:

  • Classification
  • Regression

Scheduled Reports & Notifications

Now you can scheduled insights and vizpads to be refreshed and delivered right to you inbox whenever you like in release 1.5::

  • Refresh Insights and Vizpads
  • Deliver Insights and Vizpads to Inbox
  • Schedule can be based on Time or Thresholds


We added support for the following connectors in release 1.5:

  • Azure Blob
  • Google BigQuery


We added support for the following authentication methods in release 1.5:

  • Azure AD

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