Group Assignment

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Group is a collection of users. Groups are typically used for the following reasons:

  • To share common content. This is useful when groups are created based on the departments. These acts as mailing list to share content.
  • To have common role. In Tellius, a group can have optional role which gets inherited by all the users in that group. One of the use case is to create an admin group who inherit the admin privileges.
  • To restrict data access. These groups are created to expose limited access to data using row level policy. More on row level policy is in authorization section

When Tellius connects to external IdP providers, there are different ways to configure groups.

They are:

  • Inherit existing groups. In this case, all the groups available in IdP are automatically copied to Tellius application
  • Created new groups. Even if the users are inherited from external system, customers can define new groups which are specific to Tellius
  • Mix of both

For more information about assigning roles to a user group, see Adding a new group.

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