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Tellius Support System

Have a question or need assistance?

We are happy to announce the release of our new ticket tracking system.

How to get support

In the platform through the Help page
In the platform through your account
Support Web Portal-
  1. Select Type

Bug: product issues and unexpected behaviors

New Feature Request: submit an idea for new product functionality

Improvement: submit an idea to enhance already existing functionality

General Feedback: provide general sentiment on the Tellius platform 

  1. Select Priority

Urgent: production is severely impacted and cannot continue mission critical work, complete loss of service, or the impacted operation is mission critical to the business and situation is an emergency  

  • Other characteristics: server crashes and unable to restart fully, server hangs indefinitely, critical documented function is not available, and/or data is corrupted or not available

High: important features are unavailable with no workaround, however, operations can continue in a restricted fashion; severe loss of service

Medium: impact is an inconvenience; minor loss of service

Low: no loss of service

Chat with Tellius through Help page
Chat with Tellius through your account

How to update your existing ticket

Respond directly to the support email
  • This will automatically update the ticket and notify the support team
Respond through the ticket in the web portal 

You will receive email notifications on changes and communications in the ticket



Business Impact

First Response

Update Frequency


Loss of production service or mission critical impact / emergency

60 minutes

Continuous upon first response


Severe loss of service but work can continue in a limited fashion

1 business day

Multiple updates within 24 - 48 hours


Inconvenience, minor loss of service

2 - 3 business days

5 - 10 business days


No loss of service

3 - 5 business days


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