Release 2.4

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Released in March 2020

As we gear up for our 3.0 release, here's an interim release to address features and enhancements requested by our customers..


Embedding of Tellius product can be done in two ways:


Complete JS based support for embedding has been added to Tellius. You can now build data-driven third party application by calling our REST APIs for Tellius products.

  • Search
  • Vizpad
  • Machine Learning

For detailed documentation on embedding, please refer to this link:

iFrame Embedding

Embed URLs is the option where Tellius provides the URLs of different components of Tellius. You can use these URLs to embed these components to external applications or websites.

  • Search
  • Vizpads
  • Insights

For detailed documentation on embedding, please refer to this link:

Pre-built Projects

With every new Tellius Instance (trial & paid customers), users can find pre-packaged sample applications to get quickly started with the analysis.

Machine Learning

Explainable AI can now be run on large data.

Support for additional layer of disambiguation in case when of same value exists in multiple columns

  • Search Token Layer on top of RASA
  • Search Improvements


Production instances are monitored and logs are kept for each activity performed on the server. This will help admins with debugging in case of crash as well as other performance tuning exercises.

  • Logging & monitoring

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