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Changelog - 4.3.1

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Launching 4.3.1! We're excited to introduce impactful enhancements and fixes in this version, including SmartSelect, the ability to specify available disk storage, and SAML authentication for embedded components. Dive in to know more!

๐Ÿš€ New features

SmartSelect - Auto-selecting Business Views

We're excited to introduce SmartSelect, which is designed to simplify your search experience in Tellius. SmartSelect eliminates the need to select a Business View (BV) before querying in Search. It intuitively identifies the best-fit BV based on your query's context, streamlining the search process. With this new feature, you can now effortlessly type your questions into Tellius Search, knowing that Tellius will intelligently navigate through vast datasets to bring you precise results.ย 

๐Ÿ“ˆ Enhancements

Disk storage management for job execution

Tellius provides control over job execution with the ability to set specific disk storage limits. Under Settings --> Application Settings --> Data, users can specify the limit allowed (by default, it is 90). Prior to initiating any job, the system now proactively verifies available disk space against the specified thresholds. If the available space surpasses the specified limit, the job will not begin, thus avoiding potential system overload. In such event of a job not starting due to storage constraints, the following reason will be displayed in the Notifications: "Insufficient physical space. Threshold of n% used space was crossed." This feature helps maintain optimal system performance.

Displaying the predicted column in explainable AI charts

In Vizpads, the explainable AI chart now includes the column used for prediction at the top, providing more clarity and understanding of the model's decision-making process. Next to Prediction and Accuracy, Tellius will display the column that is being used for prediction, at the top of the chart.

MongoDB connection in Spark

We've significantly improved the handling of MongoDB connections within Spark by introducing a caching layer. This layer manages data flow between Spark and MongoDB. As a result, repetitive data access tasks are greatly optimized, reducing the workload on both the Spark and MongoDB systems. Users will experience faster data processing speeds, quicker responses, and an overall improvement in data analysis tasks.

Our latest update significantly improves the search functionality by making it more intuitive and natural. Users no longer need to rely on qualifier words such as "in", "by", "for" etc., simplifying the search process and making it more user-friendly.

Improved connection handling with exponential backoff

To improve how Tellius reconnects when there are connection issues, weโ€™ve implemented an exponential backoff strategy. Now, instead of trying to reconnect right away many times, which could slow down your browser, we space out the retries. This means fewer attempts in a short time, reducing the load on your browser and leading to a more reliable connection. With this update, you can expect smoother interactions with the platform without the interruptions of repeated connection attempts.

SAML authentication redirection for embedded content

We have improved the handling of invalid tokens in embedded scenarios, now redirecting users to the originally intended page in case of SAML login issues. Previously, invalid tokens could disrupt the flow, leaving users at a dead end. Now, if there's an issue with authentication tokens, users are seamlessly redirected back to the page they were initially trying to access. This ensures that users are not left stranded due to login problems but are guided back to their intended destination after addressing any authentication issues.

Automatic SAML authentication

The latest update brings integration of SAML authentication for our embedded features, including Search, Vizpad, and Assistant. Users are automatically authenticated using SAML, and can now enjoy a smoother authentication process when accessing embedded elements like Search, Vizpad, and Assistant, without the interruptions of manual logins, maintaining a consistent and efficient workflow.

๐Ÿ› ๏ธย Minor fixes

  1. In Vizpads, fixed the issue with displaying the percentage change symbol and prefix/suffix formatting in charts.
  2. In Vizpads, resolved the issue causing date columns to move to the end in CSV downloads of table charts.
  3. The issue with the changed aggregation of a measure not getting updated in the conditional formatting section has been fixed.
  4. Addressed the problem with applying custom color code for a Viz in a Vizpad.
  5. Eliminated the need to refresh the page to view newly created comparison Insights.
  6. The issue with displaying "Browse Host" instead of "Update and Browse Host" for saving Teradata Connector datasource has been fixed.
  7. In Vizpads, fixed the display issue of min/max values in conditional formatting for marketshare aggregation measure columns.
  8. In Prepare tab, corrected the overlapping icons issue in the statistics pop-up window.
  9. Added validation to prevent adding more than 25 charts per tab from the Search/Insight to Vizpad.
  10. In Prepare tab, removed "Included datasets" text in the pipeline when there is no dependent dataset.
  11. Fixed the positioning issue of anomalies tooltip in Vizpad for line charts.
  12. In Vizpads, fixed a filter issue with the IN operator in bubble/scatter charts.
  13. In Search, corrected the display issue with filter pop-ups when scrolled.
  14. In Prepare tab, resolved the issue with displaying the Statistics window for a single entry.
  15. Resolved the handling of negative scientific numbers in Y-axis for Insight charts.
  16. Fixed sorting issues in table viz when using a compare operator in filters for measure columns.
  17. The issue with the Business View panel not updating according to the selected Business View in Search Guide has been resolved.
  18. Fixed the issue with the loading of .xls format files through the HDFS connector.
  19. Enhanced performance and reduced duplicate, unnecessary caching in Permanent Data Storage.
  20. The issue with displaying duplicate filter column pills for the same column has been fixed.
  21. Resolved the issue with the display of the login page when logging in with SAML.
  22. The issue with applying percentage and marketshare change as aggregation for measure columns has been fixed.
  23. Fixed the inability to select region from the AWS region dropdown in the Redshift connector.
  24. In Search, addressed the problem that returned 0 rows for filters and pivot tables with long values and new line characters.
  25. The positioning of the customized divergence chart colors has been refined for treemaps, heatmaps, boundary maps, and location maps.
  26. The Insight mode for the pre-existing Insights has been changed to the DeepDive mode.
  27. Added support for handling column names with spaces, special characters, and numeric values in Live Mode for connectors like Synapse, Snowflake, and MySQL.
  28. In Vizpads, the Y-axis title now automatically resets upon aggregation change, removal, or year-over-year difference change.
  29. Resolved the issue where the force password reset checkbox was missing when adding new users to groups.
  30. In case of inconsistent control filters in Vizpads, the text on action buttons has been updated to reflect the instructions mentioned in the warning window.
  31. The Vizpad Refresh Job now operates similarly to other notifications, excluding email. It refreshes Vizpad by rendering it at the scheduled time, ensuring consistent and updated Vizpad for users.

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