Custom Calculations (Report-level Calc)

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Creating calculated columns

After creating the business view from the dataset, if you want to apply some calculations on the combined dataset, you can create those calculations on the fly and add them as a new column in the dataset.

  1. Click on Data on the left pane.
  2. Click on Business View tab on the top.
  3. From the available list of Business Views in the left section, select the required Business View.
  4. On the Calculated Columns page, click the Create New Calculation button.
    The Create new Calculation dialog box appears with the list of columns from the selected business view.
  5. In the Name field, enter the name of the calculated column.
  6. Click the Calculation type option for your calculated column.
    1. Row level: Expressions result in a new column of unaggregated dataset columns that are computed for each row.
    2. Column level: Expressions result in a new value that is aggregated by columns within a dataset.
  7. Click in the Formula text field and enter the calculations.
    Refer the columns from the business view and use them in your formula. Ensure that you use the exact names of those columns considering their case, like upper case, lower case, or title case.
    Also, refer the formula examples given to understand how to enter the formula.
  8. Click Validate to validate the given formula.
  9. After validating the formula, click the Create button.
    Tellius creates the new calculated column and adds it to the dataset of the business view.
  10. After the business view is successfully published for the new column, go to the Data page and check that your new column is added to the table.

Formatting calculated columns

From 4.0 onwards, Tellius enables you to format the values present in calculated columns. Similar to regular columns, you can add custom number formatting to the calculated columns of a Business View by the following steps:

  1. Click on the Calculated columns tab from a Business View, where you will be presented with the list of available calculated columns.
  2. Under Actions, click on Add formatting button.

The following window opens with two options:

  1. Display format - The changes made would reflect only on the displayed values across Tellius. Example: In a Business View, dataset etc. The following changes could be applied:
    1. Prefix, suffix inclusion
    2. The number of digits to be included as decimals
    3. Comma inclusion
    4. Display in units (thousands/millions/billions)
  2. Number format - Any of the following changes made here would be applied to the actual values in the column.
    1. The number of digits to be included in the decimals
    2. Comma inclusion
  1. Click on Create button to apply the required changes.
Formatting calculated columns

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