Trend Drivers

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As drivers are the leading factors affecting the performance of a company or a business, Trend drivers are the drivers that drive the trend in the data over the period of time.

While creating insights for trends, you can select the date and time columns and include mathematical functions that you want to measure on the data set for investigating the trends that occurred in the business over a period of time.

Key Elements

Overall Change

The Overall Change section displays the total change in the dataset in the selected time period for the selected feature.

Change by Segment Chart

This Chart shows how the values in target column change for different segments. The green color indicates increasing values, whereas the red color indicates decreasing values.

You can click the bar in the chart to view the detailed analysis of the corresponding segment.

Top Recommendations

In this section, you can view the trend in the dataset over the period of time for different segments. The Chart displays the segment trend and the overall change in the dataset.

In the trend chart, the Overall trend is without including the filter conditions. However, the segment trend is the trend over the selected segment including the filter conditions.

Explore Segment

In the Trend Driver insight, you can explore a particular segment for more specific information. You can explore the details in the form of chart of tabular data. In the chart, you can select other dimensions to check the performance of the selected feature.

You can also view the data from the dataset associated with the chart in the segment.

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