Track Tellius Jobs

What can I track here?

Notifications is the page where you can view the notifications that you received from Tellius. These notifications are for the activities that you perform in Tellius or because other users perform an…


Manage Active / Running Jobs

In Tellius, when you perform an activity, you can view a new notification added to the Notification page for that activity. Until the activity is finished in Tellius, the notification displays the st…


View Details of Completed Jobs

When a particular job or an activity is completed in Tellius, the Notification page displays the details of that job or activity along with status. This status can be Success or Failure. Use the stat…


Explore Reasons for Failure

When you perform an activity in Tellius, the status of that activity can either be Success or Failure. When a job has failed, you can click the Reason button for the job to view the reason the job ha…


Insights Concurrency Performance

Improvement in Insight Concurrency Performance. The queuing logic for concurrent execution of insights has been updated in the system so multiple insights can run and the results are returned faster…